"The blues will always be because the blues are the roots of all American Music."

- Willie Dixon


JUNE 21, 2019 - The "Beauty Dances" video by JC Covey was released today on social media to help promote the upcoming event, 'Dance for Gina - Candlelight Vigil,' on June 29, 2019 - 7:30PM at Bisset Park in Radford, VA. The event is being planned by Dlana Hall Bodmer to remember her sister, Gina Renee Hall, who disappeared and was murdered on June 29, 1980. As part of the event agenda, prior to the lighting of candles, the video will be presented.



MAY 20, 2019  - "Beauty Dances" is now available for download at for a minimum $2 donation with 100% of all donations going to the Help Save The Next Girl Foundation. The tribute song was written by JC Covey, inspired by the life of Gina Renee Hall as detailed in Ron Peterson, Jr.'s best-selling book, Under The Trestle. To listen to the song with an option to donate and download, click on the action button below. 

Cover Image:  RJ Rose - Shadowlands Art Studio

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