About JC

Originally from the "New River City" of Radford, Virginia, JC Covey creates and delivers acoustic blues music in a unique style that he calls "strumcussion," a term he coined for the percussive rhythm and riff guitar sound he has naturally developed over the years, which works well by weaving in between the harmonica and vocals during his solo performance. Also, JC prides himself in keeping his sound simple and raw by not using any special effects beyond standard reverb and EQ settings.

The music influence came early. JC's initial interest came from his Mom, who adored Elvis, and his Dad, who would play guitar and sing Sam Cooke songs at the kitchen table throughout his childhood. His music roots go even deeper with his Grandfather, who was a professional Old Time & Bluegrass musician and band leader throughout the 1940's, who hosted and played with legendary acts, such as Bill and Charlie Monroe and Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys during their tour stops in Southwest Virginia.

While JC started to experiment with the guitar in his early teens, it wasn't until a high school chorus class that he would start to realize his music potential. The class provided a platform that placed him in front of a public audience for the first time at a school assembly and then several other special events that followed, including the privilege to compose and perform a tribute song at graduation for a popular teacher who was retiring the same year.

A big fan of LIVE Music, JC's own performance experience includes outdoor festivals, opening for headliners, historic venues,  car shows, conferences, coffee houses, and many other public and private events. A military veteran and business professional, JC now resides in Southern California where he is working on his second CD ("Strumcussion Blues"), due to be completed and released in 2018. He performs regularly throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with aspirations to eventually tour nationally in both the US and Europe.

Photo by Daniel Escamilla.

Strumcussion Blues

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Old Time & Bluegrass Music Roots